About Nutra Industry

Nutra Industry is a premier nutraceutical industry news provider. We strive to deliver the most up to date news on nutraceutical products, functional food research, dietary supplement companies, and everything regarding nutraceuticals.

We take pride in showcasing evidence-based nutraceutical supplements, which is why we pay special attention to researching different nutraceutical manufacturers and investigating what they have to offer.

Our Vision

We want to provide science-based information about the nutraceutical industry in a way that can be understood by everybody. You don’t have to deal with complicated science journals, regulations, policies, and other. We’ll digest those complex topics, and bring you all you need to know about:

  • Ingredient trends in herbs, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and more.
  • Regulatory information from across the world.
  • Market coverage on heart health, weight management, brain health, blood sugar management, and other health-related topics.
  • Manufacturing processes, including ingredient sourcing, testing, formulating, packaging, and labeling.
  • New research on health and nutrition.

Why We Love Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals are food products or derived compounds that offer certain health benefits besides nutrition. So, consuming dietary supplements, functional foods, and other nutraceuticals should have a positive impact on your life.

However, not all nutraceuticals are the same. It is crucial to find the right products that will have maximum efficacy to achieve your health goals.

That is where we can help, with our extensive research and careful selection of nutraceutical companies and products we choose to present to you.

Nutraceutical industry has enormous potential, and it is facing rapid growth, which is why staying up to date with current news and finings is essential.

Our Research

We follow everything that’s happening in the nutraceutical industry, from newly-launched nutritional supplements, new supplement manufacturing processes, to innovative studies carefully examining the effects of different types of nutraceuticals.

That allows us to stay on top and offer the best nutraceutical news to our readers. 

Additionally, we have created a list of nutraceutical manufacturers to help you find the right products with ease.

Our Selection

We have carefully crafted our buyer’s guide to help you find relevant nutraceutical products, specialty ingredients, packaging materials, equipment, and different services in the nutraceutical industry. Make sure to check it out if you need information about the best dietary supplements, companies, and services.


Nutra Industry provides many articles on health and medical topics, all based on current evidence and scientific consensus. We focus on quality and up to date information.

Our medical information should assist you, but we highlight the importance of the relationship between you and your medical provider. Even though many nutraceutical foods and products provide certain health benefits, you should consult with your physician for the best personalized medical advice before deciding to take any nutraceuticals. Even though all information you read on our website is evidence-based, it may not apply to your medical conditions or your symptoms.