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Antibodies: a New Solution to Dysbiosis

IgY Max® is an antibody supplement that targets the 29 dysbiotic pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract and rebalances dysbiotic microbiomes by killing non-beneficial pathogens and eliminating them from the intestinal tract. Additionally, IgY Max® improves the growth of beneficial bacteria and restores microbial diversity, and University-led trials have proved this outcome. 

IgY Max® reduces dysbiosis-related symptoms and improves gut-barrier integrity and inflammation biomarkers, including histamine, zonulin, hs-CRP, and DAO. The supplement’s ability to eliminate dysbiotic pathogens from the gut makes it a powerful tool for fighting dysbiosis and dysbiotic-related illnesses. Given that dysbiosis may result in many other diseases and conditions, IgY Max® relates to multiple clinical applications. 

Over the past two decades, multiple researchers from various hospitals, universities, and research centers have studied IgY Max®. The supplement has been primarily explored regarding the immune system, fibromyalgia, inflammation regulation, sports performance, and many more. It has proven to be an effective strategy for addressing dysbiosis compared to the current care method: broad-spectrum antibiotics. Ideally, antibiotics are not as effective because they do not target pathogens specifically. Instead, they eliminate both beneficial and non-beneficial microbes, a factor that makes antibiotics unsuccessful 50% of the time. IgY Max® is highly effective because it eliminates non-beneficial microbes and leaves beneficial microbes intact. 

Fundamentally, users should mix 2-4 grams of IgY Max® into a cool drink or food like fruit juice, milk, water, or yogurt. Mixing the supplement with orange juice is more palatable. The mixture should not be heated to avoid denaturing the antibodies. Users should take 2-4 grams of IgY Max®per day. The supplement should be incorporated into a daily meal replacement shake or smoothies to encourage consistency. IgY Max® is mainly marketed as a powder without additives in capsules, flavored chewable, and shakes. 

IgY Max® is primarily an egg powder that is pasteurized and subjected to extensive lab testing. It is safe for all users except those with egg allergies. Additionally, the supplement is sGRAS (self-affirmed), holds an FDA Food Additive Master File number, has been NSF® Certified for SportTM, and is Kosher and Halal certified. It is a natural, gluten-free product that does not have any additives. Its only ingredient is egg, a factor that makes it ideal for health-conscious consumers. 

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Antibodies: a New Solution to Dysbiosis

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