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New Biotechnology R&D Center Unveiled by Angel Yeast

Angel Yeast is a listed high-tech organization located in China and is on the verge of becoming a leading global yeast and biotech research institution. The company has already initiated its purpose-built complex primarily for industry technology research and development. Opened in June, the facility marked a significant milestone for the group’s scientific investigation procedure. Additionally, this element shows that Angel Yeast continues to support the technological advancement of the biotechnology industry.

The headquarters of Angel Yeast is in Yichang City, Central China. The center covers a total area of 36,000 sqm and can accommodate up to 1500 people. The project’s planning initially commenced in October 2019 with an investment of $30 million to date. The corporation estimates that about $60 million will be put into annual research to transform the facility into a leading global yeast research institution and a world-class producer of R&D. In a statement, Xiong Tao, Chairman of Angel Yeast, explained, “We are thrilled to open our new R&D complex after more than a year of planning and construction. We believe this project will further accelerate the advancement of Angel Yeast’s innovation system in major industries, including yeasts and derivatives, healthy ingredients and raw materials, nutrition, and healthcare, and non-yeast related biotechnologies.”

The chairman further pointed out that other than the development of biotechnology, Angel Yeast also pursues the innovation of healthy lifestyles. “By enhancing our independent innovation capabilities and strengthening our international cooperation, we have cemented Angel Yeast’s position as a leader and pioneer in the development of the industry,” he added. The organization’s new R&D complex has nine technical centers; industrial and brewing microbiology, food flavoring, yeast and enzyme, protein nutrition and food flavoring, agricultural biotechnology, industrial innovation, baking and Chinese dim sum, nutrition and health, and testing.

Researchers at Angel Yeast Complex strive to explore plan-based meat alternatives, gut health and probiotics, immune health and sports nutrition, food flavor enhancements, clean nutritional sources for fermentation, alternatives to antibiotics, yeast production, and sustainable development. Since its inception, the company has maintained its commitment to scientific and technological advancement. It is a leader in the formulation of national and industry standards for yeast and its derivatives. Moreover, Angel Yeast is a two-time recipient of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. It has also received the National Quality Benchmarking Award and was nominated for the third China Quality Award.

By integrating local and global resources in its R&D efforts, the organization has partnered with Novozymes to improve the use and application of enzymes in pasta production. Furthermore, Angel Yeast has worked with Chr. Hansen to advance probiotic formulations to meet the health needs of different consumer groups. The company continues to establish multiple regional service centers that provide technical support for product application in local markets in locations such as Manila in the Philippines, Cairo in Egypt, and Lipetsk in Russia.

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