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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Nutra Industry Summit 2022

The Nutra Industry Summit 2022 will be a large virtual event held on May 2nd and 3rd, 2022, and will feature some of the most distinguished professionals in the nutraceuticals and health/wellness industries. The summit will be one of a kind as it will have some of the prominent and acclaimed speakers in the nutraceutical world. 

The conference will provide an avenue for industry speakers from renowned organizations to shed light on the latest trends in retail, ingredients, packaging, marketing, and other industry dynamics. Furthermore, the Zoom Event will present an opportunity for the nutraceutical industry players to network and build meaningful professional relationships. The attendees will participate in Q&A sessions with the speakers over the two days to discuss and deliberate the presented topics.

The audience at the Nutra Industry Summit encompasses marketers, brand creators, R&D, formulators, CEOs, business development executives, raw ingredients suppliers, packaging, and service providers. The summit anticipates an audience of over 10,000 industry professionals from the US and other parts of the globe.

Mitch Gould, the CEO of Nutritional Industry Products, will speak at the event. He is a third-generation retail and distribution and manufacturing professional with more than 25 years of experience. His expertise spans various categories of consumer products such as nutrition, dietary products, sports, cosmeceuticals, skincare, and beverages. Additionally, Gould has represented significant organizations like Igloo, Native remedies, Flora Health, and Hulk Hogan’s extreme energy drink. His success in launching products has led to their feature in publications like Time Magazine, Newsweek, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, and World’s report.

Another keynote speaker at the event is Nicole Brown, Chief Innovation Officer at Open Book Extracts. She is a Harvard graduate and a seasoned marketing executive in the consumer and lifestyle space. Brown is recognized in the nutraceutical industry for her ability to channel data-driven consumer insights into long-term courses of action that deliver immediately usable product innovation. Moreover, she founded and sold a mapping technology firm to TripAdvisor. Her ability to decipher the ever-changing consumer wants makes her an invaluable professional in the nutraceutical and health/wellness industry.

Matts Johansen, the CEO of Aker Bio Marine, will also present at the summit. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Oslo University College and is recognized for his expertise and experience in managing complex organizational operations and markets in the nutraceutical arena. Moreover, Johansen is a consummate public speaker with a proven track record in innovation. He is expected to provide critical sustainability insights for improving human and planetary health.

Jeff Fernandez, the President of Nutritional Products International, will also be a speaker at the event. His more than two decades of diversified retail purchasing experience with some of the largest corporations in the US makes him a principal speaker at the Nutra Industry Summit 2022. Fernandez has successfully worked for Amazon, the World’s largest online retailer, and suffice it to say that from his wealth of industry expertise and experience, the attendees can expect an intriguing presentation from the president of Nutritional Products international.

“At Nutra Industry, we are delighted to be holding the Summit next year because it will deliver real value to professionals in the nutraceuticals and health/wellness space,” said Scott Gould, Founder of Nutra Industry. 

The Nutra Industry Summit 2022 will be a paradigm-shifting event that will address nutraceutical and health/wellness industry trends. 

To register, visit nutraindustrysummit.com

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Nutra Industry Summit 2022

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