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Boosting Skin Health with Hydrangea Leaf Extract

Skin health is one of the main concerns of many people around the globe. Once the wrinkles show up, and your skin starts drying up, people tend to look for a solution to hydrate their skin and keep it young-looking.

The beauty industry was estimated at $532 billion last year, according to Bussines Insider. And almost $150 billion goes to the skincare industry. There are tons of products flooding the market. But, is there a way to improve your skin health with natural products without having to pay top dollar for premium skincare items?

According to the new study published in the Nutrients journal, there is.

Researchers tested how oral intake of hot water extract made from Hydrangea serrata (WHS) affected skin health. According to this randomized, double-blind trial from Korea, improvements in wrinkle formation, skin hydration, texture, and elasticity have been observed.

Hydrangea serrata leaves are a part of the culture in Korea, Japan, and China, and they have been used traditionally for tea and medicine. Additionally, there are products on the US market containing this ingredient, but they are mostly used to improve urinary tract health.

The team of researchers has been dealing with Hydrangea serrata for some time, and their previous studies already hinted at certain skin health benefits

Researchers collaborated with a South Korean brand Cosmax Bio, who supplied ingredients for their research. The brand is famous for developing nutraceuticals and working with various cosmetic companies around the globe.

The study included 151 participants who were randomly assigned to one of the following groups:

  • The first group – consumed 300 WHS
  • The second group – consumed 600 mg WHS
  • The third group – consumed a placebo

It lasted 12 weeks, and skin assessments were taken after 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

The results showed that both groups consuming WHS experienced a significant reduction of wrinkles, especially around the eyes. However, there was no statistical difference between the two groups.

When compared to a placebo group, participants who consumed WHS experienced enhanced skin hydration. Skin texture and roughness were also significantly reduced in both groups.

However, after measuring the parameters of skin elasticity, only a group with a higher dosage of WHS (600mg) showed statistically significant improvement. At 12 weeks, measurements showed they had better overall flexibility, net elasticity, and the ratio of elastic recovery to total deformation. Because of that, their skin was more resistant to damage, but it also exhibited enhanced healing abilities.

“Our randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that oral WHS supplements produced significant anti-aging effects. Therefore, WHS has potential as a dietary supplement to protect against skin aging in the health functional food, targeting systemic factors regulating skin appearance,” concluded the researchers.

The goal of the study wasn’t to uncover the underlying mechanisms behind anti-aging effects but based on previous research, they believe Hydrangea serrata affects collagen decomposition. Additionally, the benefits can be connected with the anti-oxidative properties of an active molecule found in Hydrangea serrata called hydrangenol.

More importantly, the study concluded that WHS is safe for human consumption so that scientists can continue to research its effects on our health.

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