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INCAP’s Game-Changing Dispensing Closure Technology

One of the challenging aspects of the nutraceutical industry is how to keep your products fresh and potent even after a long time. Many nutraceuticals like vitamins disintegrate in water, and their quality continues to deteriorate the longer they stay on the shelves.

That’s why mixed drinks lose their potential over time. In fact, INCAP states that after just 60 days on the shelf, premixed drinks can drop to only 40 to 60 percent of the initial vitamin content. If you read the label, ingredient information on there is valid only at the time of bottling, not consuming.

INCAP had an idea to revolutionize the world of ingredient packaging and dispensing closure mechanisms. They recognized scientific studies showing that vitamins weren’t in the stable condition in beverage products. The longer they stayed in contact with liquid, the less efficient they became. In addition to losing essential properties when staying on the shelf, exposure to light also promotes the degradation of the original product potency.

Their innovative INCAP technology allows active ingredients to stay stored in the cap, physically separated from the main container filled with liquid. The cap content can be in the form of granules, powder, or liquid, depending on the product.

The INCAP is activated by twisting and pushing it down upon consuming. After the content of the cap is safely infused in the liquid container, a consumer can simply shake their drink and enjoy a fresh beverage full of vitamins and nutrients.

This way of product packaging can change the way we manufacture vitamin drinks. There is also a huge market potential for other industries like:

  • Beverages: Sports drinks, energy drinks, nutraceutical beverages, dairy, and other functional beverages.
  • Food: Baby powder formula.
  • Pharmaceutical: Vitamins, drugs, and other products.
  • Personal care: Hair coloring, cosmetics, body treatments, etc.
  • Chemical: Two-part components, fluids cleaning acids, detergents, etc.

Active compounds are safely stored in an airtight cap, and by activating it, users can see the ingredients dispersing in the main chamber. INCAP is a fun innovative technology, with a very positive experience from the users. 

It is intuitive and easy to use, and consumers also get a fresh beverage with full potency. It aligns with INCAP’s moto:

If it’s mixed, it’s not fresh

Filling INCAP is easy, and it has a volume to receive 1-15ml. INCAP offers caping for all standard bottles from 60ml to 750ml, including baby bottles, sports bottles, and others.

With superior functionality and enhanced user experience, INCAP aims to become the world leader for innovative dispensing closures. 

INCAP’s formula chamber is protected by two seals, providing extra security. Their innovative technology is eliminating the need for “hot-fill” sterilization, thus reducing energy and plastic use, reducing waste by 45%. Additionally, INCAPs are made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP), and the company’s idea is to use recycled PET material in the future.

Ten brands have already recognized INCAP’s potential, and are using their technology.

To learn more about INCAP, you can visit their website and find out more about their game-changing technology.

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