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Nutriventia Proclaims Publication of Revolutionary TurmXTRA60N Research Showing Substantial Joint Health Benefits

The Mumbai-based Nutriventia brand from Inventia Healthcare Ltd. recently announced new research on its unique turmeric branded ingredient. The investigation was published in Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Application Journal. The study indicates the benefits of TurmXtra60N at small doses of 250mg for healthy people experiencing knee pains after a workout. “This study is pivotal as it showcases the benefits of a small dose of TurmXTRA60N in healthy subjects. The supplement helps preserve knee structure and function,” explained Anand Godbole, Inventia Assistant Vice-president of marketing and strategy.

The 90-day, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was done on 96 healthy adults who felt knee pain after physical exertion. The findings indicated significant improvements in joint comfort, mobility, and performance post physical exertion. The clinically relevant improvement in efficacy was reported as early as day 45. Measurement was done on several test parameters that evaluated several aspects of joint mobility and the perception of pain. 

The research is the final part of a comprehensive clinical package that evolved from a preclinical study that established ten times higher bioavailability when compared to standard turmeric extracts of equal dose format and pharmacokinetic study in healthy human subjects. Bioequivalence of a 250mg dose of TurmXTRA60N to 1575mg standard turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids was established.

The Nutriventia brand foundation is underlined in four major cornerstones; innovation, transparency, talent naturing, and a holistic responsibility and accountability to people and the environment. The company’s purpose is best defined by its corporate philosophy on providing enhanced ingredients with better usability and clinically substantiated therapeutic benefits to consumers.

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