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Open Book Extracts and Radicle Science Proclaim New Alliance to Increase Consumer Trust and CBD Industry Validation

Radicle Science, a transformative healthtech group, and Open Book Extracts (OBX), a leading ingredient producer and developer of Cannabinoid-enabled products, recently announced the launch of a partnership to advance the growth of market-leading, scientifically validated CBD and cannabinoid products. The alliance fills an existent gap for extensive scientific research in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, it will set a new gold standard for CBD and other cannabinoids. As a result, organizations looking to introduce new products and formulations will leverage the collective scientific expertise, industry know-how,  propriety data analytics platforms, and clinical trial infrastructure for CBD and cannabinoid products. 

Such resources will bring significantly formulated products based on extensive evidence to address need states like restful sleep, general health and well-being, and chronic pain. “A lack of consumer trust, transparency, and scientific rigor has hindered the CBD and cannabinoid sector from achieving its growth potential for long,” explained Jeff Chen, MD, MBA, Cofounder and CEO of Radicle Science. “By uniting the strengths of Open Book Extract’s quality innovation and custom product development with Radicle Science’s unbiased scientific rigor in natural products research, we can impact every stage of the product life cycle from ideation to validation. The alliance is just the first step in a large movement to create a future where consumers have access to trusted cannabinoid products,” he added.

The alliance will provide the infrastructure needed to provide expert support and research-backed insights. The supplies will guide every phase of product development procedure from ideation to ingredient selection and consumer targeting. The combined Radicle Science-OBX partnership will involve five phases. Step one will encompass OBX partnering with brands looking to enter the market by devoting its resources to understand the brand vision, conduct an extensive market investigation, initiate product concepts, and evaluate expenses. In step two, OBX will create a customized and sophisticated formulation that will address the intended results, exclusively sourcing high-quality ingredients to deliver prototypes to test the formulation hypotheses. In step three, Radicle Science will conduct a rigorous and controlled trialed of several formulations to determine the differential effects of the ingredients, their combination, dosages, and delivery methods on the health statuses. The fourth step will comprise selecting, packaging, labeling, and other physical concepts for a selected product in a fully customizable experience. In the final stage, the OBX and Radicle Sciences validated product will be sent to production.

Wide-ranging health-related outcome data for the research participants will include demographics and behavior habits. Such information will enable brands to deliver targeted formulations to specific customer segments. The first study is expected to launch this month. It will compare the impact of newly developed designs with targeted ratios of pure minor cannabinoids on pain severity and other health outcomes. Woven Earth, a CBD brand, will apply its product to determine consumer-reported indications of reduced pain and inflammation.

In a statement, Nicole Brown, Open Book Extract’s Chief Innovation Officer, elucidated that the company’s new alliance will bring the broader CBD community a unique, streamlined opportunity it has been demanding. He further added that while other partnerships are focused on product development and consumer market research, this is the first collaboration of its kind that brings product development, consumer market research, and scientific validation under one umbrella. 

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