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Oral Probiotic BLIS M18 Proves Effective Against Black Teeth Staining

According to a study published in the British Dental Journal, our mouths are home to over 700 species of bacteria that colonize the soft tissues and hard surface of teeth. These microbes have coevolved with us, and we are mostly in a harmonic relationship. However, millions of different bacteria try to colonize our mouths every day and displace our healthy oral microbiota.

Blis Technologies Limited and Stratum Nutrition® have recently announced the results of two studies testing the efficacy of their oral probiotic BLIS M18™ on decreasing black teeth staining. 

BLIS M18 contains Streptococcus salivarius M18 strain, which can be found naturally in oral cavities of healthy people. However, even though Streptococcus salivarius is a standard resident of mouth microbiota, the particular M18 strain is not that common. 

BLIS M18 probiotic allows beneficial bacteria to repopulate mouth and support gum and teeth health. Taking one to two probiotic lozenges each day can help maintain a healthy population of helpful M18 strain.

In the recent in vitro study testing the effects of BLIS M18, the results showed that this oral probiotic successfully inhibited two strains of bacteria known to cause the formation of black stains on teeth. 

Black dental stains are a fairly common problem for many children and adults. To remove them, people usually have to go for a professional cleaning. However, black stains typically recur after some time.

To test if BLIS M18 could help prevent the recurrence, they had a separate clinical trial in children. The results showed that BLIS M18 could be effective against black stains recurring if the probiotic was administered after a professional cleaning. 

Product Manager, Alexis Collins stated: 

“In this most recent clinical trial, we can see how the unique bacteriocins and enzymes produced by BLIS M18 not only help prevent the formation of dental plaque, but also help prevent the activity of specific bacteria responsible for black teeth stains. There are undoubtedly more actions of BLIS M18 that benefit dental and gum health, and we are proud to be partnered with BLIS Technologies as they continue to pursue research on this unique oral-colonizing probiotic.”

BLIS M18 has been labeled as GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) by the FDA.

Another oral probiotic from the same company, BLIS K12, has a beneficial effect on bad breath, upper respiratory, and throat health. Although the potential of these two products partially overlaps, they both provide specific oral health benefits.

To learn more about BLIS M18, read the studies supporting its benefits, or see other products, visit the Stratum Nutrition website.

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